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All of our dogs stay with us until they are fully trained and at least 18 months old if started as a puppy.  All of our dogs are rescued in some fashion.  Some come from litters we adopted at 7 to 10 weeks, some were strays, some were returns from other clients due to life changes.  Each dog, when ready to start working, has a grounding in scent, can pass the Public Access Test, and has shown it loves to work.  They are all trained to detect cancer as their basic scent work and have at least an 85% success rate. Other tasks that are taught are support during a crisis, crowd blocking, comfort behaviors, retrieving items, opening and closing doors, finding help, and alerting to sounds.

Intelligent disobdience is  encouraged after the tasks we want are taught. For alerting tasks, the dog must use environmental cues like sound, sight, scent.
These cues must be trained to have enough intensity and motivational value to interrupt whatever behavior the dog is doing in daily life. 
For instance, a Diabetic Alert Dog learns to wake itself up to a scent. Not easy!!!!



Devon is a Great Dane born July 2016.  Devon is being trained for autism support, mobility and assistance.  


Parker is a Goldendoodle and belongs to our client services coordinator.  Parker is being trained for mobility and assistance as well as cancer detection.


Marley also belongs to our client services coordinator and is being trained for cancer alert.  Marley is also a goldendoodle.


Buddy is an Airedale born July 2016.  Buddy is being trained for seizure alert and eventually for mobility.


Stella is an Australian Shepard mix.  She recently came to us and found a home right away as a mobility and blood sugar alert dog.  She is currently undergoing her basic training.


Kai is an English Labrador Retriever.  He originally came to us for mobility training in 2013 but due to health issues of his human, he wasn't able to continue.  Recently he came back to us to learn seizure alert.  He has done his scent classes and even has his first alert.  His leash manners still need a bit of work, but he is doing great.


Hugo is a husky mix born approximately April 2016.  He was found as a stray so everything is pretty much guesswork.  He is being trained for mobility and seizure alert.


Darby is a goldendoodle born July 2016.  Darby is in training to alert to seizures.  



Dani is a Cane Corso mix.  Dani has been trained for PTSD and panic disorder support and alert. Dani is a rescue and was originally trained for seizure support but her prior owner is deceased.  Although graduated from our program, Dani is currently learning nosework and is able to alert to a panic attack 10 minutes before one starts. Dani originally came to us July 2014.


Sophie is an amazing mini-Australian Shepard.  Her major task is hearing for her owner.  

Recently we have added to her training and she now detects low blood sugar and the beginning of wounds from the complications of diabetes.

Sophie entered our program as an 8 week old puppy in 2014.


Micah is a Border Collie mix and belongs to our head trainer and the founder of Access To Service.  Micah does blood sugar levels alerting and has prevented his owner from becoming diabetic as he allows her to manage her blood sugar with greater accuracy and timing. 

Micah also does agility, musical freestyle, Rally Obedience and Canine Parkour.

Micah graduated his service dog training in 2012.


Caoimhe is our first Cancer Detection dog and has a success rate of 92%.  She has 12 doctor confirmed in person spontaneous alerts in public over the past 3 months.  

Caoimhe was born December 19th, 2015.  She started alerting to cancer at 12 months old.


Boswick came to us originally at 5 months old and started training for seizure alert.  3 months later he met his new owner and did his first alert 3 days after that.  Boswick has kept his owner seizure free for 5 years.


Brittany is a St Bernard mix and was trained for diabetes alert and mobility.  Her owner passed on a year ago and Brittany is now being a PTSD support dog.  Brittany graduated our program in May 2014.


Asher is an 85lb Hovawart mix.  He was trained for mobility and PTSD and is currently working with one of our Veterans on both tasks. Asher graduated our program in November 2015.


Java is a Chow/Rottweiler mix who does blood sugar alert and mobility.  Java graduated from the program in March 2014.

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