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At Seize The Leash, Canine Behavior Training and Play Your Way Obedience, our greatest achievements are in training Service Dogs to help their human partners in life.  

Please help us continue to do this as we branch out into helping our Veterans and homeless to achieve freedom via a Service Dog.


I would love to learn how to see all the things Jamie sees in the dogs, and why these games work on those issues. Why are simple looking games so powerful with dogs?

Jamie's approach is different from anything I have done before. I was impressed at how quickly we made progress. There are a lot of games and exercises but she helped narrow it down by what she saw in our baseline videos. She tweaked things based on what we did or said. She does not give all the steps right away because it is tailored to each team and their needs and their journey. I am still processing all of her material.

This is the best class I have taken. I have learned so much about how my dog thinks and behaves, and this class gave me the tools to address everything from body part sensitivity to reactivity. I have seen dramatic improvements already, sometimes within a day of doing the games in the class, because I am finally understanding my dog better and working on her terms.

Welcome to Seize The Leash


Seize The Leash no longer exists as a single entity but is now multiple entieis. There is an online Academy set up where anyone in Tucson or anywhere in the world, can continue to learn how to train and assist their dog(s) via play, structured games, respect, honesty, empowerment and communication. 

It's time for Seize The Leash to take on a new persona and bring trainers and dog owners together in the meat world and the cyber one.  

For 12 years I did the online programming for a company called Wellcoaches where life coaches and their clients came together on the internet to create lives that worked, fitness and health programs and even trained these coaches in the Wellcoaches methodology. 

Seize The Leash will now take a new place beside Wellcoaches as the place where dog trainers, coaches, mentors, behavior consultants, or whatever you call yourself, can find and assist owners from all over the world with their dogs via video coaching.  

This will be much different then taking classes on line.  There are some great places to do this depending on what you want to accomplish, but they are restricted to those who can devote the time and effort it takes for a 6 to 8 week class.  

What Seize The Leash will offer is instant contact with a coach who can advise on your immediate issues whether they be behavior, training or even sports.

Eventually, like Wellcoaches did, we will offer extensive training in the Play Your Way methodology - more then what is offered now with the Canine Game Theory class.

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In addition to the Canine Mentor Alliance, we are also offering a logging and training plan online application.  

Come join us for the adventure of a lifetime at Play Your Way Academy

What people do not appreciate is that every time a dog submits to pressure, whether subtle or overt, he is diminished. Probably the great majority of people who achieve their own ends by making their dog submit are not even aware of what they have done. It is a sad fact that a dog can be made to do many things by breaking his will. If he can be persuaded to give his assent freely and pleasurably rather than give into man’s pressure or clever techniques, he is not diminished.

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