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Sign Up for a Service Dog

Please fill out the form below.  We may not have the exact dog you need right now, but there are many dogs in need of rescue that could potentially make an excellent service dog.  If you don't see the dog you'd like in our available dogs, please give a description of what you would like and what tasks would be necessary to train.  

We do train more then just medical alert dogs.  We also train hearing dogs, autism support dogs, mobility and assistance dogs and have created training programs for dogs to alert to diseases like MS and Lupus.

Please do not ask us for tiny dogs as we have found that they do not possess the necessary stamina or physical structure to be service dogs.  For medical alert, hearing, assistance and autism support the size of the dog isn't important so we concentrate on dogs that are 25 to 50 lbs. at maturity.  Larger dogs for mobility can be obtained and trained if needed.


Please download the application and either email or snail mail it to us.  

Applicants from anywhere in the United States will be considered, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.  We also consider Canadian applicants but be aware that the laws concerning service dogs are different between the USA and Canda.

Access To Service has established guidelines and criteria for assessments and placements, all of which is detailed in our Application Packet. Please review this information thoroughly, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) further down on this page, prior to filling out and submitting a preliminary application.

Once you have reviewed all the information you may submit your preliminary application to us via mail or e-mail:

Access To Service

4811 E Hampton St

Tucson, Arizona 85712

Email: jamie@accesstoservice.org

If you are unable to download and/or print the application, please contact our office and we can mail or e-mail the application to you. We also encourage any person considering a service dog to please read What Is A Service Dog and What Are My Responsibilities to My Service Dog.


How does the application process work?

SDA accepts preliminary applications year round and a Review Committee screens them on a monthly basis. If the preliminary application meets SDA’s placement criteria, a letter will be sent out with an invitation to submit a full application.

Please note: submitting a full application does not mean the applicant is automatically approved for a service dog.  

When all parts of the full application have been received, the application is reviewed by an independent Medical Review Board (MRB) who meets approximately every 6-8 weeks. The MRB makes the final determination on whether applicants are approved or denied, and applicants are notified by mail within thirty (30) days of the decision.

What are the age requirements?

Our minimum age requirement is twelve (12), however, that is dependent on physical and mental maturity. We have in the past worked with younger children, however in our experience, children younger than 12 do not have the cognitive abilities or maturity to sustain a healthy working relationship with a fully trained service dog.

We do work with younger children with severe medical issues but train the dog to be responsive to the adults in the household.  This is also the case with adults with autism spectrum.  In most cases the patient does not have the cognitive ability to take care of or listen to the dog.  There must be a fully functioning adult with full responsibility for the care of the dog.

What does it cost?

There is no fee for the preliminary application, however there is a $50 non-refundable fee for the full application. The fee for a service dog is $10,000 to $15,000 depending on what the dog is trained for.  This price includes:

  • ◾3 weeks (minimum) of partner training at the A2S campus, including public access testing*
  • ◾all training materials, including vest, program certification and ID card**
  • ◾home visits
  • ◾fundraising assistance and community awareness presentations (if requested)
  • ◾annual refresher training and partner evaluations*
  • ◾follow-up consultations and troubleshooting
  • ◾ongoing educational opportunities
  • ◾annual reviews for the life of the dog

*initial partner training and refresher training must be done at the A2S campus; we do not travel to clients or ship dogs

**vest, team certification and ID card are only issued upon graduation of the service dog partnership

We do have payment plans which include selection of a partially trained dog and making payments for that dog until training is completed.  This generally means $1000 payment per month for 10 months. Most of the dogs in our program are fully trained in that 10 months unless you selected a puppy less then 6 months old.

A2S does not want the cost of a service dog to deter anyone from applying, therefore, we have a dedicated staff member who works with approved clients on funding options, such as fundraising programs, grant applications, payment plans and scholarships (when available). None of these funding options, however, are implemented until after a client has gone through the application process and been approved for a service dog.

Can I have my current dog trained at your facility?

Yes.  We have group classes for this and we can arrange private lessons.  This of course would require that you either live near us or are willing to relocate for the duration of the training.  Training can take from 6 months to 2 years depending on your ability to learn and train your dog.

All dogs must pass a full evaluation.  If deemed an unlikely or inappropriate candidate solutions will be offered.

How long is the wait list?

We do not currently have a waiting time for approved applicants to receive a service dog. The only waiting time is the length of time for the application(s) and approval process, which can take approx. 2-6 weeks depending on how quickly we receive all required materials.

Are there other requirements for applying?

1. We have two (2) requirements for anyone (Veteran or civilian) who wants to be considered for a PTSD or panic disorder related dog: ◾a) you must have an official diagnosis, b) you must have a minimum of one (1) year of recent mental health care pertaining to the diagnosis

2.  Autism support and allergies must also have an official diagnosis of the condition.  In the case of allergies, a list of all allergens must accompany the application.

3. If you are approved to submit a full application for a medical alert dog, you must also complete and submit a 30 day activity log of your medical issue with your full application

4. You must be able and willing to travel to our Tucson, AZ campus for partner training for a minimum of three (3) weeks.

What if I have additional questions prior to submitting my application?

If you have any questions regarding the application form(s) or process, please contact our Client Services Coordinator at (727) 710-7026 or clientservices@accesstoservice.org


There are other breeds that may make good service dogs as a general rule, but these are the ones we have had success with.  Most of the dogs we have trained to full service dog status have been pure bred dogs of the above breeds.  Many mixed breeds can make good service dogs also but a full evaluation is necessary as the history and lineage of the dog is generally unknown. 

We do not recommend bully breeds for service work.  This is only because of the myths attached to the breeds that are often looked at as "pit bulls" and because many cities currently still have laws banning these breeds.  Personally we love the bully breeds and some do make great service dogs.

Not every dog can become a service dog.  We reserve the right to insist that the dog you just rescued or the family dog would not work.  A full evaluation will discover the exact temperment, behavior issues, biddability and ability to think and make decisions necessary for a service dog.  Very few dogs meet these criteria.

Email: scheri@seizetheleash.com
Phone: 727-686-4246
Website:  http://seizetheleash.com